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Self-Care Tips

My recent post was how to refill your cup by doing small daily actions in order to take care of yourself so you don’t reach over exhaustion. This post will now describe in detail some of those daily actions explaining as to why they are so good for you. The first self-care tip is: Take an Epsom Salt Bath! You can find this at your local drug store or at Costco. Epsom Salt is actually not a salt but rather…

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Refill Your Cup

Hands holding tea cup on green bokeh background.

Let’s take a moment and think of ourselves as cups. Mine would be a large orange colored coffee mug with an owl on it! Costco style!  What is yours? Do you have it mind? And now imagine, in this ceremic mug or glass cup is your energy. As of right now, how full is your cup? Is it almost drained? Half-way? Almost over-full?! Everyday you drink/use that energy liquid be it at work, at home taking care of your…

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