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Lymphatic Massage

Even if you are not a person that tries to manage chronic swelling day and day out, receiving a lymphatic massage is of great importance for the body, mind and soul. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is very slow, rhythmic and light to the touch. The lymphatic system is just underneath the skin layer and right above the muscle tissue, which is the reason why the massage is so much lighter than your average Swedish or deep tissue massage, other…

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Exercise For Chronic Swelling

  One of the best self care practices that you can do for your chronic swelling is exercise. The lymphatic system that processes all the fluid in the body works through movement. When the muscles contract, it is pulling on the valves of the lymphatic capillaries, which then pumps the fluid to digest within the system to the heart and eventually leaving the body when going to the bathroom. Stretching and slow pace cardio keeps your skin, joints and…

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