Refill Your Cup

Hands holding tea cup on green bokeh background.

Pouring water into glass on a blue background

Let’s take a moment and think of ourselves as cups.

Mine would be a large orange colored coffee mug with an owl on it! Costco style!  What is yours? Do you have it mind? And now imagine, in this ceremic mug or glass cup is your energy. As of right now, how full is your cup? Is it almost drained? Half-way? Almost over-full?! Everyday you drink/use that energy liquid be it at work, at home taking care of your family or just completing your to do list. You might see where I am going with this but it is very important that you focus on refilling this “cup” along with how you empty it. If you don’t have the question, “how did I refill my cup today?” active in your daily mind then inevitably you will reach to the drained bottom of your cup/mug and in result can give nothing to others or even to yourself. You are maxed-out, have a weak immune system, have an over-thinking mind, and in a weak/lethargic state of being. This is not a very pleasent/ happy way to live.

How to prevent exhaustion?

Take the little moments in life for yourself. By paying attention to yourself everyday, will give you energy so you don’t reach complete exhaustion and in result you are able to take care of others or your daily to do list with your full potential energy and happiness. By doing small things everyday for you, it helps ground your energy so that you can make decisions from your grounded self instead of your over-thinking mind. It is the small actions in your life that makes a big difference in the world.

How did I refill my cup today?

Hands holding tea cup on green bokeh background.

From this suggested list (or make a list of your own that fits your life) choose three at least to do daily.

  • Start your morning with a healthy drink either of lemon water or apple cider vinegar water.
  • Start your day with light stretching/meditation
  • Post positive quotes on your bathroom mirror
  • Epson Salt Bath
  • Clean/organize your work area or house
  • Receive bodywork (Manual Lymphatic Drainage is great for the immune system)
  • Eat foods that give you energy (vegitables, fruits and protein)
  • Gluten free and sugar free diet
  • Enjoy nature
  • Take a walk
  • Snuggle with a pet or a loved one
  • Exercise
  • Create art
  • Do not make fast/rash decisions – Take your time in everything you do