Self-Care Tips


My recent post was how to refill your cup by doing small daily actions in order to take care of yourself so you don’t reach over exhaustion. This post will now describe in detail some of those daily actions explaining as to why they are so good for you.

The first self-care tip is: Take an Epsom Salt Bath!

You can find this at your local drug store or at Costco. Epsom Salt is actually not a salt but rather a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Daily stresses drain magnesium in the body and increases adrenaline, so by taking a bath with this healing tonic, it helps increase this important mineral within the body as well as help produce serotonin which is a mood elevating chemical for the brain. Epsom salt absorbs through the skin increasing energy, regulates electrolytes, improves blood circulation, increases effectiveness of insulin in the body, and detoxifies the body. This healing bath will help improve oxygen use through the body, improves absorption of nutrients, formation of joint proteins, help relax tight muscles, decrease any swelling and is great for relieving stress and insomnia. Magnesium is a very important mineral to have the appropriate levels of and in reality it is very easy to be depleted of this mineral. Taking an Epsom Salt Bath is a relaxing, easy and important method to bring magnesium within the body. It is recommended to take a bath three times a week in order to help detoxify your body but being realistic try once or twice a week for four weeks straight and be aware of the positive influences that this mineral bath has on your body.

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Self-care tip # 2: Apple Cider Vinegar

An easy thing to add to your daily routine is to drink Apple Cider Vinegar when you first wake up. It is a very strong taste, so please dilute it with water. Take a 16oz glass and fill it with a shot worth of ACV and the rest with water. You will instantly feel and notice differences when adding this into your ” fill your cup” to do list! What are the benefits of ACV? Well, many! First, it fights against bacteria. So by drinking this everyday it would be a preventive tool to boost your immune system and to kill any pathogens that may be within your body ready to attack. Second, this vinegar helps improve insulin sensitivity and help lower your blood sugar after eating. Third, lowers cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Apple cider vinegar helps boost your energy by containing amino acids, potassium and electrolytes within every serving. Finally, this also helps with digestion problems! The antibiotic and bacteria fighting powers helps settle any issues you may be having after eating.  This of course was a very short description of the healing powers of ACV. There is a lot of information on the internet, so I would encourage you to google more before starting ACV, especially if you have any health issues.